Ultra Reliable Gas Leak Detection

Using cutting edge laser based sensors

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Photonic Innovations

Next generation gas leak detection.
Our products use proprietary state of the art laser-based gas leak detection technology.
We enable better risk management and mitigation through IoT connectivity.

Client Testimonials

  • "These detectors seemed too good to be true so we said we would purchase a unit if Photonic installed one... and it worked. They installed it, it worked well, we have since purchased a second and will be purchasing a third soon."
    Ovation, New Zealand
  • “Photonic’s ability to deliver a solution that suited the circumstances is greatly appreciated.... The provision of real time data through an easy to use graphical interface and the support to back it up has been vital to the success of the monitoring regime.”
    e3 Scientific, New Zealand
  • "The customer support services of Photonic Innovation are refreshingly excellent, you will not be left alone to set up your unit."
    Gauge Refrigeration Management, New Zealand

STRATUS - Our IoT Platform

  • Data analysis and information service
  • Enables cloud based monitoring
  • Aids in predictive replacement and maintenance

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Key Features

No false alarms

No recalibration

No downtime

Extremely accurate & reliable

Low lifetime costs

Long life span

IoT capability

Ergonomic design

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