Chicks dislike Ammonia

Agriculture is responsible for 94% of ammonia emissions. It is true! Most of it is in large poultry and pig farms. High rates of emissions can be detrimental to the health of the animals (just so you know, ammonia strips trachea and lung tissues).

Europe, as usual, is taking the lead in animal welfare activities. Last year, they said 'Poultry units will be required to comply with new environmental regulations to limit emissions of ammonia from animal housing, the EU has announced.'

A step affecting over 20,000 large farms in Europe alone needs to be implemented within few years.


How can we help ?

Photonics Laser based technology can easily be deployed in confined space applications. The sheds have a persistent background concentration of ammonia which means any chemical sensor depletes very fast and demands heavy maintenance ($$$).

The laser sensors, on the other hand, just need to be set and forgotten. They are immune to poisoning or sensor depletion and need negligible maintenance. The FLD is a point sensor for cramped spaces and the OPLD shoots a laser beam across the room (~20-40m) to monitor very large areas.

You can monitor Ammonia, CO2, humidity and temperatures in the same unit (how cool!).





Oh, did we tell you about the online dashboard ? You can monitor each and every shed or farm unit from your cell phone from anywhere in the world. Historic ammonia concentrations, humidity, temperature, CO2 all in one place.


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